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Gregory Payette

Trackdown - U.S. Marshal Charlie Harlow #2 (Paperback)

Trackdown - U.S. Marshal Charlie Harlow #2 (Paperback)

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Deputy U.S. Marshal Charlie Harlow has never turned a blind eye…

When a young homeless woman goes missing, Charlie follows Chief Deputy Frank Carter’s orders to stick to the job he gets paid to do and let local law enforcement handle it. But Charlie doesn’t have much patience. When he senses the cops aren’t taking the case seriously, he takes matters into his own hands.

Frustrated and on his own, Charlie refuses to turn his back on the missing young woman, even though she didn’t want his help in the first place.

Until she did....

But it all comes to a horrifying halt when the sheriff's office tells Charlie a body’s been found in the mountains of North Carolina.

The description matches the missing young woman’s.

Charlie is relentless and will stop at nothing to find those behind her abduction. When the sheriff's office finally makes it official and asks the U.S. Marshals Service for help, he’s already two steps ahead.

Every move he makes is a risk he’s willing to take. If he can’t track down the men he’s after, he’ll have no choice but to accept the consequences.

When the search takes a sharp turn in the wrong direction, it’s not just Charlie who pays the price... 

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