About Gregory Payette

Gregory has written over twenty-three books, and is the author of four mystery and crime fiction series, including the Henry Walsh Private Investigator series, the US Marshal Charlie Harlow series, the Joe Sheldon crime series, and the new Jake Horn mysteries. His standalone crime novels include Drag the Man Down, Half Cocked, Danny Womack's .38, Biscayne Boogie, and a number of published short stories.

He won his first award as a writer at ten years old, after sending a story to the Providence Journal about his pet husky being shot by a local farmer. The writing most likely wasn't very good, but the fact a young boy's dog was shot (true story!) tugged at the editor's heart strings just enough.

His dog, luckily, survived.

But that wasn't a paid gig, so years later he ended up in advertising. He eventually became a copywriter, specializing in direct mail and writing fundraising letters to help raise money for animals and children.

He didn't always spend his days at a desk, hunched over the keyboard. Burnt out from being in the office, he decided to go work with his hands, building decks and doing handyman work. He even designed and installed custom closets. But he couldn't stop thinking about the stories he wanted to write.

He eventually crawled back to the desk and decided it was time to write a book. It was later in life, but he finally became a published author.

Raised in New England, Gregory now lives with his wife, kids, and dog, Jake, in North Carolina.