How To Get My Books From Your Local Library


All of my books are available to you through your local library. However, in most cases you will first need to request the book(s) you’d like to read. All you’ll have to do is provide the title(s) and, in some cases, the ISBN.

It’s easy for digital books, because my ebooks are already available through OverDrive:

But that doesn’t mean your library has access to them.

So all you’ll need to do is contact your local library with a quick email giving them the link to my books on OverDrive.

Here’s a sample email:

Library book request (Ebooks):

Subject: Ebook Request

I’d like to request the ebook (insert title of book here) by Gregory Payette. I noticed that the ebook is on Overdrive but our library currently doesn’t carry it.

I’ve posted the link to the author’s books below:

Thank you for your consideration.

Now, if you’d like to have your library order the paperbacks, they can do so through IngramSpark (which prints and distributes my paperbacks to libraries and non-Amazon bookstores). If you’d like to request a paperback copy from your local library, simply include the ISBN’s with each book’s title in your email.

Library book request (paperbacks)

Subject: Paperback Request

I’d like to request the following paperback book(s) by author Gregory Payette.

I have included the book’s title(s) and ISBN(s) below:

Book 1 Title ISBN:

Thank you for your consideration.


Paperback Titles and ISBNs

Joe Sheldon

Play It Cool – 9781736146552

Play It Again - 9798985846010

Play It Down - 9798985846058

Henry Walsh Mysteries

Dead at Third – 9781733866224

The Last Ride – 9781733866248

The Crystal Pelican – 9781733866262

The Night the Music Died – 9781733866286

Dead Men Don’t Smile – 9781734974942

Dead in the Creek – 9781734974997

Dropped Dead – 9781736146538

Dead Luck - 9781736146590

Charlie Harlow

Shake the Trees - 9781736146576

Trackdown - 9798985846065

Jake Horn Mysteries

Murder at Morrissey Motel - 9798985846034


Biscayne Boogie - 9798985846089

Danny Womack’s .38 – 9781736146514

Half Cocked – 9781734974966

Drag the Man Down – 9781734974928


Hopefully this helps you get your hands on my books if you prefer to get your reading material from the local library. If you have any problems or questions, please reach out!