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Gregory Payette

The Night the Music Died - Henry Walsh Mysteries #4 (Ebook)

The Night the Music Died - Henry Walsh Mysteries #4 (Ebook)

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Another exciting investigation throws Henry deep into a mystery surrounding the death of someone from his past…

When deceased musician Bonnie Chapman’s husband shows up at Henry’s door, he makes it very clear he’ll pay whatever it takes to get to the bottom of his wife’s unfortunate, untimely death.

At first, Henry’s reluctant to take the case.

But with his partner Alex by his side, the two decide to move forward. And as they dig deeper into the case, they realize those closest to Bonnie had something to gain with her gone.

Just when the it starts to look easy, the investigation takes a turn in the wrong direction.

An unexpected threat puts everything in jeopardy, and Henry's afraid the situation could make solving the mystery impossible.

But he’s as stubborn as a mule and refuses to let what could turn out to be dire circumstances get in the way of finding the truth. He'll do whatever it takes, no matter how great the risk. Even if his own life is the one that's in real danger...

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