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Gregory Payette

The Last Ride - Henry Walsh Mysteries #2 (Ebook)

The Last Ride - Henry Walsh Mysteries #2 (Ebook)

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It’s Henry’s first big case as a licensed private investigator. If he’s not careful, it could be his last…

One Sunday morning, John Thompson went out for a ride on his bike. He never made it home.

Was his death really just a freak accident?

That’s the question ex-wife, Angela Thompson, has for the sheriff’s office. But for some reason they refuse to investigate further…

She'd been told by a mutual friend that if anyone can get to the truth, it’s a man named Henry Walsh. He’d only recently aced the Florida private investigator’s exam and paid his one-hundred-sixty-seven dollar fee. But even if the ink’s still wet on his business cards, he’s ready for his first big client.

At first, he’s reluctant to take the case. The evidence is quite thin. But Henry’s a headstrong, straight-shooter. He’ll take his chances.

And he could use the work.

With help from his friend and ex-cop Alexandria “Alex” Jepson, the two start to dive into the investigation.

Questions about the victim’s past soon rise to the surface. With his shady business dealings, an ex-wife, a dead wife, and the young widow he left behind… the list of suspects only grows.

When Henry and Alex’s lives are threatened, it becomes dangerously clear someone will do whatever it takes to stop their investigation. And as they find themselves getting closer to the truth, the deadlier it all becomes…


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