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Gregory Payette

Play It Cool (Joe Sheldon Book #1 ) Paperback

Play It Cool (Joe Sheldon Book #1 ) Paperback

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For Joe Sheldon, life was easier when he only wrote about crime…

At one time, former crime journalist Joe Sheldon reported on Miami's seedy underworld. But then he lost it all, and now spends his days listening to vinyl records, sipping vodka cranberries while churning out fluff pieces for the local rag. The truth is, he's barely scraping by.

So when a smooth-talking bookie named Dickie Caldwell dangles an offer to make some extra cash tracking down a deadbeat gambler, Joe can't resist the taste of a better life. He knows getting tangled up in Dickie's world is bound to get dangerous. But he’d like to think he can handle it.

No sooner does Joe agree to the job, Dickie's girlfriend goes missing. With a cryptic ransom note left behind, Joe starts poking around. But he can’t stop from thinking something about it doesn’t quite add up.

The more he digs, the more he uncovers, until he finds himself way in over his head.

Joe has no choice but to rely on every trick of the trade he’s learned to survive this deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The streets of Miami can be dangerous. One wrong step, and this crime writer will become tomorrow's headline.

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