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Gregory Payette

Play It Cool (Joe Sheldon Book #1 ) Paperback

Play It Cool (Joe Sheldon Book #1 ) Paperback

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He'd rather write about a crime than be wrapped up in one...

When writer Joe Sheldon finds himself without a job, fired from a two-bit local paper after spending half his adult life as one of Florida's top crime journalists, all he wants to do is sit back and watch the downtown lights from his balcony. He'll sip his vodka cranberries and listen to vinyl records playing in the background… maybe even write that novel he's been thinking about.

But money’s been an issue for Joe, especially with the way rents are rising in his high-rise Miami apartment.

So when his old friend Dickie Caldwell turns him on to a gig tracking down a deadbeat gambler, Joe jumps at the chance to put some money in his pocket. And it’s good money. 

Too much to turn down, even if it could get dangerous...

But when Dickie’s much younger girlfriend goes missing and a ransom note is left behind, Joe knows something doesn’t quite add up…

Is it all a setup?

He needs to find some answers before Dickie gets taken for a ride. But a fast-paced game of cat-and-mouse turns deadly.

Soon, it’s revenge Joe’s after. 

But revenge is like a rolling stone. If he can’t untangle the web of lies, it’s Joe who’ll pay the ultimate price…

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