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Gregory Payette

Play It Again (Joe Sheldon Book #2) Paperback

Play It Again (Joe Sheldon Book #2) Paperback

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Joe Sheldon is about to get an up-close view of the life of crime he used to write about…

When his buddy, Dickie Caldwell, discovers a female acquaintance dead in her condo, Joe's world quickly spirals into chaos. It's bad enough Dickie fled the scene without calling the cops. But as it turns out, Joe was the one who dropped her off at her door a few hours earlier.

Maybe he should have gone up when she offered him a drink. Would she still be alive if he had?

He can’t help but think he’s somewhat to blame. Yet he’s keenly aware it's only a matter of time before the police come knocking on his door...

Joe’s only play is to dig deeper for the truth and clear his name.

He soon comes across a scheming pastor who seems to be living an outrageously lavish lifestyle. But when Joe’s relentless probing draws unwanted attention, he finds out the hard way he’s once again caught up in a deadly game.

Every revelation brings him closer to the truth, but one false move will push him to the firing line. Can the former crime writer evade the cops long enough to outwit the killer? Or will his quest for justice and vindication become his own undoing?

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