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Gregory Payette

Murder at Morrissey Motel (Ebook)

Murder at Morrissey Motel (Ebook)

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When your ex becomes your client, the only thing more dangerous is the truth.

It’s 1978. With an economy on the brink and a city plagued by corruption, the glory days seem to be over for the failing P.I. agency Jake Horn inherited from his uncle. And he’s at a point where he’ll take any job he can get.

Of course, there are exceptions…

When his beautiful and enigmatic former fiancé walks into his South Boston office looking to prove her husband’s been cheating, Jake’s best option is to turn her away.

He may be desperate for work. But he’s no fool.

When the husband’s dead body turns up in a dumpster behind a local motel, the cops look to Jake’s ex as the suspect. But then, she disappears...

The detective on the case is determined to see someone pay for the crime. And he has a hard time believing Jake isn’t somehow involved.

With a target on his back and his freedom at stake, Jake has to rely on his own grit and investigative skills to find his ex and uncover the truth. It's a race against time, and Jake's life won't be the only one on the line if he can't find the real killer.

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