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Gregory Payette

Dead Men Don't Smile - Henry Walsh Mysteries #5 (Paperback)

Dead Men Don't Smile - Henry Walsh Mysteries #5 (Paperback)

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Henry Walsh is back to solve a puzzling mystery in Fernandina Beach when a lifelong friend confesses to a murder...

He refuses to believe Charlie Senecal is a killer. But the circumstances surrounding the crime raise far too many questions.

And if the man Henry’s known since the third grade is innocent, then why would he confess to a murder he didn’t commit?

It just doesn’t add up.

But Henry knows Charlie hasn’t been himself since he lost his job as police chief.

And with his wife now gone, his state-of-mind has to be questioned...

Henry’s instincts take over as he ignores the facts others choose to accept. But his way of thinking could lead him into trouble, as he heads north of the border looking for answers.

It’s clear the cops aren’t the only ones who want Henry out of their way. Just as he starts to make headway, he’s thrown into a dangerous situation. But he’s made a promise to his friend, and knows it’s more than just his own life that’s at risk...

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