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Gregory Payette

Dead in the Creek - Henry Walsh Mysteries #6 (Ebook)

Dead in the Creek - Henry Walsh Mysteries #6 (Ebook)

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In his most challenging case yet, Henry struggles when his newest client is killed before he’s even had the chance to meet her...

The truth is, Sarah Jenner wasn’t exactly clear when she first called Henry. She wanted to hire him... but couldn’t say why. Not until they met.

And then she was dead.

When Sarah’s sister asks Henry to investigate what the cops are calling an accident, he has a hard time buying her questionable suspicions. Other than an apparent disdain for Sarah’s husband, the sister may not have much of a case.

But a surprising discovery opens the door to the secret Sarah may have been hiding. Henry and his partner Alex rethink the case and dig deep into the investigation. But it only leads them to more questions without answers. It starts to wear on them both. The strain on their relationship becomes clear, and neither one knows where to draw the line.

Everything is thrown into peril when an attack puts Alex’s life in danger. It’s up to Henry to get his head on straight and solve the puzzle before it’s too late. If he can’t, it’ll mean the end of the only thing he’s ever wanted...

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