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Gregory Payette

Shake the Trees - U.S. Marshal Charlie Harlow #1 (Paperback)

Shake the Trees - U.S. Marshal Charlie Harlow #1 (Paperback)

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US Marshal Charlie Harlow has stood in front of hundreds of doors without knowing who, or what, is behind them...

When a botched assignment leaves a deputy from the Buncombe County sheriff’s office dead, Charlie finds himself under the Justice Department’s scrutiny for the way things fell apart.

Overwhelmed with guilt for failing to save his friend, Charlie knows the only thing he can do is keep doing the job he loves. At least while he still can.

Bringing another fugitive to justice sounds just like what the doctor ordered. All he has to do is track down a sixty-something year old convict allegedly hiding out on his girlfriend’s farm.

But things take a turn in the wrong direction when the deputy with Charlie, Kim Riggins, is taken hostage. And when the convict’s girlfriend steps in the way to prevent Charlie from stopping the fugitive’s escape, all he can do is watch as Deputy Riggins disappears under gunpoint.

The game of cat and mouse soon turns deadly. And Charlie must apprehend those responsible before the person he cares most about pays the price for his relentless pursuit of justice…

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