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Gregory Payette

Play It Down (Joe Sheldon Book #3) Paperback

Play It Down (Joe Sheldon Book #3) Paperback

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The only thing worse than fooling around with a married woman... is finding her dead the next morning.

For struggling writer and former crime journalist, Joe Sheldon, tracking down degenerates for his bookie pal, Dickie Caldwell, has been an easy way to put some decent money in his pocket.

But when he goes looking for a deadbeat who disappeared with an unpaid debt, Joe ends up getting tangled up with the man’s estranged wife… in more ways than one.

After the woman claims she can help Joe find her loser husband, the two end up back at Joe’s place for an overnight fling. But Joe wakes up alone, and his attempts to contact her turn up empty.

When he receives an alarming message a few hours into the morning, he rushes to her apartment to help. But all he finds once he arrives is her lifeless body.

Joe has little doubt who is behind the murder, and promises himself someone will pay the price for what happened.

But it soon turns out Joe is the one with a target on his back.

This time, it’s a dangerous business owner with mob connections who’s taking aim.

Joe will have to do everything he can to not only protect himself, but the one person he cares about most.

In his quest for the truth, he’ll have to navigate the sordid underbelly of Miami's criminal world and dodge a killer at every turn. If he’s not careful, the slightest misstep will be his last...

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