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Gregory Payette

Play It Down (Joe Sheldon Book #3) Ebook

Play It Down (Joe Sheldon Book #3) Ebook

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The one thing that can ruin a good night of fooling around is a murder the next morning…

Former crime journalist Joe Sheldon has really taken to his new role, tracking down deadbeats for his bookie friend Dickie.

It’s a far cry from covering the dark side of Miami for the local rag.

He enjoys getting to act like a tough guy, even when he goes out of his way to avoid the violence.

But when Joe gets involved with the wife of the man he’s supposed to collect from, things get… more than a little complicated.

Especially after she turns up dead.

Between an angry husband who has pissed off the mob and cops who think Joe’s somehow involved with all the murders taking place, he’s in deep.

If he can’t bring the truth to the surface soon, he just may pay the ultimate price...

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