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Gregory Payette

Dropped Dead - Henry Walsh Mysteries #7 (Ebook)

Dropped Dead - Henry Walsh Mysteries #7 (Ebook)

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A simple infidelity investigation gets turned on its head when a man under surveillance falls to a surprising death…

Private investigator Henry Walsh won’t argue with the actual cause of the man’s ultimate demise. Not after he witnessed the victim land poolside from seven floors above. But how the man went off the balcony is up for argument. Too many questions remain…

When the sheriff’s office quickly concludes it was suicide, Henry’s left scratching his head. And his suspicions are raised when his client, the victim’s widow, declines his offer to investigate further.

It just doesn’t add up.

With his partner Alex by his side, the two take the case into their own hands. But soon their relentless pursuit of the truth throws them into a dangerous situation they didn’t see coming.

On the run from those who are out to stop them, reality hits hard when the threats Henry ignored come back to bite him. He’ll have no choice but to push forward with the investigation, even if it means the one person he cares most about will pay for his mistake...

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