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Gregory Payette

Dead Luck - Henry Walsh Mysteries #8 (Ebook)

Dead Luck - Henry Walsh Mysteries #8 (Ebook)

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Private Investigator Henry Walsh and his partner, Alex, are at it again with a mystery they may not be able to solve. Could this be their last case together?

Former pro football star Ray Rivers swears he had nothing to do with the death of a high school principal found dead in the boy's locker room. But the rumors won't stop, and he'd like Henry and Alex to find who's behind them.

Before they even get started, the case takes a sharp turn when Ray's wife is found murdered in her home. It doesn't take long for the sheriff's office to take Ray into custody.

It's hard for anyone to argue against the evidence. But Henry knows it's too soon to jump to conclusions, with so many stones left unturned. Even with his doubts, he promises to do whatever he can to clear Ray’s name.

But a shocking twist brings the case to a sudden and unexpected halt without resolution.

Henry knows it'll take more than just his persistence and an uncanny ability to solve a crime when nobody else can. But this time, he’ll have to go it alone. And if he's not careful, the luck he’s hoping for will run before he finds it…

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