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Gregory Payette

Biscayne Boogie (Paperback)

Biscayne Boogie (Paperback)

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Nothing’s ever gone right for Dennis Malloy. Why would this time be any different?

After spending the past six years in prison, Dennis wants to do the right thing. But life is hard for an ex-con. Especially one who's flat broke and someone’s looking to get paid.

After blowing what little money he had left on scratch-off lottery tickets, Dennis decides to make a move he knows he’ll live to regret. But his luck seems to change when a bag full of cash lands at his feet after a hold-up he witnesses goes awry.

His luck doesn’t last…

Dennis is mugged in the restroom of a local bar, leaving him with nothing but lint in his pockets.

Bruised and battered, an attractive woman he meets takes him home for what he hopes will be some late-night fun. But it turns out she has something else in mind. And Dennis knows it’s trouble…

Presented with an opportunity to make some cash, he has to decide if it'll be worth the risk.

If they can pull it off… it’ll be the break he’s been waiting for.

But if they don’t? He’s guaranteed another five-to-ten in the can.

Is one last crime the answer?
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