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Gregory Payette

Biscayne Boogie (Paperback)

Biscayne Boogie (Paperback)

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After six long years in prison, Dennis Malloy is determined to straighten himself out. But life on the outside’s not easy. He just can’t seem to catch a break...

His luck seems to change when he witnesses a robbery gone wrong and the bag of loot lands at his feet. Dennis could do the right thing, of course. But he’s broke. And desperate.

With his pockets stuffed with cash, he stops off at a local watering hole for a drink. When a couple of thugs follow him into the men’s room, he’s left battered and bruised on the damp floor.

The money’s gone.

All is not lost when an attractive woman he meets at the bar offers to take him back to her place. But a fun night in the sack isn’t the only thing she has in mind. The woman presents him with a tempting offer that’s hard to refuse...

One last crime could be the answer to turning his misfortunes around.

Will he take the bait and risk it all?

Join Dennis Malloy and his unscrupulous friends on a wild ride through the seedy streets of Miami in this gritty, comedic crime thriller with characters you’re not supposed to root for, but probably will…
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